We help organisations all over the world become more inclusive.

Inclusion happens through behavioural change and we live these issues on a daily basis so we work harder to help you make people feel like they belong. We reframe inclusion for clients and help you add value.

We add value to your organisation in five key areas:


We are experts in designing diversity and inclusion strategies tailored to the business goals of an organisation. We help position D&I to support the core purpose of the organisation, e.g. Strategy Alignment Workshop and strategic consulting retainer.


We help measure diversity, model the future diversity of an organisation and measure inclusion to identify those behaviours that will help and hinder e.g. our inclusion measuring tool and research.


We work with you to establish effective internal governance for D&I. We assess Board, Executive team and HR decision-making and provide practical support to network groups and other teams. e.g. board effectiveness and network groups facilitation.


From keynotes, fireside chats and team talks to inclusion coaching and our fully-fledged leadership programmes we help you gain buy-in for change, tailored across all levels of the organization, e.g. virtual keynotes, inclusive leadership solutions and coaching.


We build internal process that supports inclusion. We analyse processes (e.g. recruitment, retention and development), identify bias and then work with you to sequence the debiasing and improvement of systems, e.g. debiasing processes and consulting.

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