Inclusive Leadership Programme

Our development programme for executive teams

Now in its second year, the programme is not only receiving rave reviews, it is proving itself in terms of embedding lasting behavioural changes amongst participating executives.

This programme is unique because:

It approaches diversity and inclusion from a different perspective – when framed as a leadership issue, reconciling self and collective interest, there is a better chance of genuine buy-in.

The nature of the programme reiterates micro-behavioural changes that can be practised and refined as the programme progresses. By embedding them as part of the day job, they are actually implemented.

Our programme is specially tailored for executive teams of up to 12 people, with sessions running over two to three months.

I felt more valued today than at any point in my career so far

Senior Executive, Wellcome Trust, Summer 2017

The best programme I have been on in eleven years at Astra Zeneca

Programme participant, December 2015

The design was outstanding, with a perfect balance between intelligent provocation, humour and respect

Richard Spada

Senior Global Manager, Diversity & Inclusion , Novartis

The programme comprises four parts:

1. Research and preparation

Getting down to business

2. Deconstructing the current paradigm

Group session

Completely re-framed how I thought about diversity, inclusion and leadership. I will keep this with me for the rest of my career.

Programme participant, BAE Systems, March 2016

3. One to One coaching

Focussing on cognitive dissonance

4. Second group session

Focussing on actions and sustainability

A compelling mix of engaging ideas, fascinating experience, insight and humour to bring to life Inclusive Leadership discussion and debate

Tim Cozze-Young

Executive Engagement Programme Manager, Microsoft UK

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