Diversity is a reality. Inclusion is a choice. We can help it work for you.

Frost Included has built expertise in delivering inclusion in the following areas:


We are experts in designing diversity and inclusion strategies tailored to the business goals of an organisation.

Customer service

From accessibility and inclusive design to culturally sensitive customer service provision, we can help you design systems to better serve all your customers and clients.

Recruitment, Development and Retention

We know how to truly leverage diverse talent, both from the supply side and demand side – reducing recruitment costs and achieving unprecedented diversity.

Executive Coaching

We only supply people with the world-class credibility and ability to challenge your Executives and help them improve their performance in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Supply chains and Procurement

We have designed and implemented inclusive procurement systems that increase supplier diversity and simultaneously help reduce procurement costs.

Leadership Development

We help build leadership capability. We work with leaders, whatever their current understanding of inclusion to create sustainable, high performing teams. View details of our Inclusive Leadership Programme.

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