Inclusion has never been more important. Now is the time for action.

We help organisations to understand anti-racism and the power of diversity, and enable you to lead on creating profound inclusive impact.

Remote working isn’t new, but with the Covid-19 situation now it is new to millions of people and thousands of organisations. The scale and speed of change is unprecedented. How leaders and managers navigate microbehaviours, flexible working and online collaboration will be critical in determining their decision-making and future success of the organisation. We have been a virtual company since our founding in 2012 as a legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We will listen to you, partner with you and help you with bespoke solutions.

What we do

We’re recognised globally for partnering with organisations to deliver innovative diversity and inclusion solutions. Frost Included brings together global leaders with deep expertise in diversity and inclusion, extensive leadership experience in the worlds of academia, business and government, and strong capability in implementing programmes in the public, private and third sectors. We are passionate about benefitting the clients we work with.


Many organisations embark on ‘diversity’ programmes without truly understanding inclusion, only to achieve limited results. Diversity in the absence of inclusion rarely adds value. We facilitate honest and fresh conversations to build an essential foundation for work to happen.


Many organisations try to ‘manage’ diversity but it ends up managing them. Inclusion doesn’t just happen – people exercising leadership make it happen. We think leadership can be taught. We can help individuals and teams realise their potential and contribute fully to the goals of the organisation.


We are recognised as a global leader in helping organisations understand, lead and deliver inclusion programmes. Our understanding has been developed at the world’s best institutions, including Oxford and Harvard universities. Our delivery has been tested in the unparalleled environment of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our current most requested services include:

  • Systemic Race Audit – conducting broad review of race within an organisation, and identifying key action points
  • Inclusive Leadership – creating deep cultural change by helping leaders on their personal inclusion journey
  • Inclusive Performance Management – remote solutions helping organisations care for and develop their people
  • Mobile Inclusive Microlearning – microlearning solutions to support diversity and inclusion programming
    Inclusive Remote Working – supporting your employees by putting inclusion at the centre of your remote team

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